Lee Chung Ah unnie and I have a nickname for Min Hyuk oppa, It's Prince Potato.

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Lee Chung Ah unnie and I have a nickname for Min Hyuk oppa, It's Prince Potato.

Park Gyu Young and Kang Min Hyuk are currently receiving public love for their excellent acting in "Celebrity". In the Netflix drama, Seo A Ri (Gyu Young) and Han Jun Kyung (Min Hyuk) are involved in a romantic relationship amidst the conflicts among influencers.

Like any other drama couple, Gyu Young and Min Hyuk also have their own nickname. Interestingly, it's not an abbreviation of their character names. Instead, they are famous as the "potato couple".

During their guest appearance on a radio program, Gyu Young and Min Hyuk revealed the origin of their potato couple nickname. Min Hyuk initially discussed the nickname on the set of "Celebrity". "I didn't know about this before, but I recently found out," Min Hyuk revealed.

Gyu Young added, "Lee Chung Ah unnie and I have a nickname for Min Hyuk oppa. It's Prince Potato. But the fact is, he has the charm of a potato." In Korea, the charm of a potato refers to having thick eyebrows, a good physique, and a pure character.

"The most handsome potato charm," Gyu Young continued. "For me, after that day (being called Prince Potato), I started to wonder, what is the charm of a potato?" Min Hyuk responded with a curious expression, saying, "A man with the most handsome potato charm?"

The radio DJ then revealed that the visual combination of Gyu Young and Min Hyuk is quite good, and they should have a couple name. "Gyu Young is very beautiful. But I'm a potato. Are you sure we look good together?" Min Hyuk asked.

Gyu Young made a decision and said, "Well then, starting from today, right now, I'm also a potato. Chung Ah unnie gave me a nickname. 'Min Hyuk oppa is Prince Potato, and you're potato sujebi (a type of potato soup). So, we're the potato couple."

After their guest appearance, Min Hyuk made a Story post showing a picture of a potato and potato sujebi, along with cropped faces of himself and Gyu Young as guests on the radio program. Gyu Young also reposted the post, indicating that they have accepted the nickname of the potato couple. 

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